Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing (inspection) can be used in several different respects for non-destructive testing (NDT).  With today’s advanced technologies, radiography can often times be replaced with good UT techniques.

UT Thickness Surveys

UT thickness surveys are an excellent way to find internal corrosion, pitting, and general erosion in most metals on pressure vessels, pipelines, storage tanks and other materials subject to such degradations.  A-Scan thickness surveys can also be used for the inspection of parent material for inclusions and laminations.

UT Weld Inspections

Most manufacturing flaws (lack of sidewall fusion, lack of root fusion, lack of root penetration, porosity, solidification cracking, etc.) and flaws derived from in-service conditions (fatigue cracking, stress corrosion cracking etc.) can be found with ultrasonic weld inspection techniques.  This UT technique can be applied to both ferritic metals in pressure vessels, pipework, storage tanks, bridge structures etc.

With the proper techniques and under the guidance of highly qualified technicians, SEQ Inspections employs the latest Ultrasonic equipment and techniques to get to the root of the examination.