Pressure Equipment

Asset Inspection (AICIP – In Service Inspection of Boilers, Pressure Equipment and Pressure Piping)

It is a requirement of Australian Workplace law that pressure vessels be regularly inspected and be maintained in a safe operating condition. Laws stipulate that all pressure vessels must have a Hazard Level rating from an ‘A’ highest to ‘E’ the lowest, which reflects the vessel’s safety risk. The higher the risk the more stringent the requirements for operating and inspecting the vessel.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure safe operation and maintenance of pressure equipment in accordance with Australian Standards. Regular inspections must be planned, implemented, evaluated and comprehensively documented. Legislative requirements stipulate all documentation must be signed by the approved and competent pressure equipment inspector for it to be legally valid in a court of law. In accepting these responsibilities the inspector must be prepared to sign a report or letter of authorisation stating the equipment is satisfactory for its intended use until the next inspection period.

SEQ Inspections are able to assist clients in formulating and maintaining a Pressure Equipment Document Management System. We have the ability to perform Risk Assessments and Hazard ID’s on pressure plant, as well as assisting in Remaining Life Assessments and Pressure Equipment Registration.

We supply certified AICIP Inspectors for inspection of Boilers, Pressure Equipment, Pressure Piping and Tanks in accordance with the In Service Inspection codes AS/NZS 3788 and API 653 on plant such as:
• Gas Boilers
• Recovery Boilers
• Steam Pressure Vessels
• Vessels With quick actuating Closures
• De-aerators
• Fired Heaters
• Water Heaters
• Compressed air containing vessels
• Static storage tanks
• Storage Tanks
• Process Vessels
• Auxiliary vessels
• Static Low Temperature Vessels
• Pressure Piping
• Transportable Vessels

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